Complete refurbishment of a villa in Besigheim

Gustav-Siegle-Strasse 7, Besigheim

Only shortly after the completion of our new building project in Hofrat-Lang-Strasse 7, another project was awaiting us near the old town of Besigheim. Embedded in a large, unspoilt garden, this jewel was about to be awakened from its slumber.

The building was refurbished completely, having taken into consideration the special requirements of listed buildings, as well as all aspects for contemporary living. After its completion, it now offers space for 3 large accomodation units with balconies or terrace.

As always, in our photo gallery you can get an impression of the building throughout its renovations process.

In the course of the neighboring new building project, an underground car park will be constructed as well. This project will start in summer 2021 and is expected to be finalized in autumn 2022.

  • Country: Germany
  • Completion: spring 2021
  • Living space: 3 accomodation units

News article of the LKZ (May 2021)

News article of the LKZ (August 2020)Zeitungsartikel der LKZ über die Sanierung der Villa Farina in Besigheim

Interior construction


Facade & roof

Before demolition & after